We specialize in making custom tarps from vinyl and mesh materials. Each tarp is made to your exact specifications in the United States.
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We quote finished size, not cut size tarps that are made with heat-welded seams and 2" double stitched hemmed edges reinforced with seatbelt webbing (as in the photo). You can have them with or without heavy duty grommets and d-rings. Your tarp will not warp, bind, or rust.

Delivery Speed

We guarantee that the lead time from order receipt to order delivery is ten business days unless the tarp(s) is inordinately large or complicated.

Longevity of Tarps

The lifespan for these materials is generally up to fifteen years. If the tarp is used outdoors and remains stationery, the lifespan is longer. After ten years outside, the texture of the tarp will have changed (or developed an “attitude”), but should still remain functional and block rain if it is made of vinyl. If the tarp is moved a lot through heavy use or the tarp rubs against something, we recommend a heavier material – either 22 oz. or 40 oz. coated vinyl.

The longevity of tarps is generally determined by environmental factors (heat, cold, wind, altitude, sun, or shade), usage, installation, and location.
Tarp showing hook and grommets

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