We make tarps with vinyl coated polyester and mesh. Other tarping materials are available upon request.

We have in stock:


  • 8 ounce coated vinyl - a parachute material that is light enough for roofing applications
  • 10 ounce coated vinyl – stronger than 8 oz. but still lightweight
  • 14 ounce coated vinyl – Waterproof and excellent for lightweight tarping systems. UV, abrasion, and cold crack resistance.
  • 18 ounce coated vinyl – the most popular material, with good tear strength, abrasion, and cold crack resistance.
  • 18 ounce clear vinyl – More expensive than coated vinyl, but transparent.
  • 22 ounce coated vinyl – Heavier than 18 oz. and often used when the tarp rubs repetitively against a surface. Waterproof. High tear strength vinyl with about 25% more abrasion resistance than 18 oz. Fine UV and cold crack resistance.
  • 40 ounce coated vinyl – Our strongest and heaviest material.
  • Fire resistant vinyl – Fire resistant vinyl is available on request.
  • 16 mil Black/white polyethylene – Black on one side and white on the other. Our lowest cost fabric, this has good UV and abrasion resistance.



  • 70% Shade cloth – Super lightweight with tough, lockstitch, knitted construction. Our lowest cost material. Available in black or green. Often used for privacy fence tarps.
  • 90% Shade cloth - 90% shade cloth – More durable than 70% shade cloth. Available in black only.
  • 7 oz. Solid color mesh – It is commonly used on trash truck trailers.
  • 10 oz. Solid color mesh – More durable than shade cloth. Good abrasion resistance. Available in black, gray, yellow, blue, and red.
  • 10 oz. Multicolor mesh - This material is often used for dump trucks. It is strong enough to withstand industrial use, yet porous enough to pass water.
  • 18 oz. Multicolor mesh – Stronger and heavier than 10 oz. multicolor mesh.



We have grommets, D-rings, and Velcro fasteners. The number of grommets, D-rings or Velcro on a tarp does not increase the price. You can have as many fasteners as you want and you can also specify how far apart you would like your fasteners. We have D-Rings with a width size of 13/4” (right photo) and 21/2”. We have Velcro with a 2” and 4” thickness. To reinforce grommets or D-rings, we sew 2” seatbelt webbing into every tarp around the fasteners prevent your tarp from fraying. Seatbelt webbing is not required, but if the tarp is going to be pulled often, seatbelt webbing is recommended to keep the fasteners in place on the tarp. If you do not desire seatbelt webbing, contact us or state so in your quote request.

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