Truck Tarps

Material Type

Good – 10 oz. multicolor mesh – Economical with good UV and abrasion resistance. This mesh is lightweight and easy to cover 25 foot or longer trucks. Trucks with a roller in the front and arms on the side use this material.
Better – 70% shade cloth – Super lightweight with tough, lockstitch, knitted construction. Our lowest cost fabric. Used by trash and dump trucks. Available in black or green.
Best – 18 oz. multicolor mesh – This is more durable than either 10 oz. mesh or shade cloth and offers fine longevity. It has good UV and abrasion resistance. Trucks that are smaller than 25’ often use this mesh.

No grommets

A grommet in each corner

Grommets spaced approximately @ 18" on center around perimeter

Grommets spaced approximately @ 24" on center around perimeter

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