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We quote finished size, not cut size tarps that are made with heat-welded seams and 2" double stitched hemmed edges. You can have them with or without heavy duty grommets and d-rings.  Your tarp will not warp, bind, or rust.

Orders ship via ground to addresses in the Continental United States and not to post office boxes. We accept only Continental United States orders online. Customers in other countries or customers wishing other than ground shipment should email us for delivery and pricing information.

Fire retardant tarps are available on request.


We guarantee our products to be free of workmanship defects when shipped. If a fault is later claimed,® at its sole discretion will replace or repair orders provided that® receives written notification within thirty days from order shipment about any deficiency. After® issues a Return Authorization number, any alleged defective product must be returned with shipping prepaid to us.® is not liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damage(s) connected with the use of the product, including any cost or expense in providing substitute equipment or service during periods of non-use.® is not liable for damage caused by mishandling, misuse, or improper installation of the product or damage due to neglect, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, or other act of nature.® does not warrant the longevity of its tarps because a tarp's life cycle fluctuates with usage, location, weather conditions (including heat, cold, wind, altitude, sun or shade), installation, and other variables.